Heya! My name is Svenja! A 24 year old Dutchie. My friends call me Sven or Svennie. Feel free to pick one! Many moons ago it was my big dream to become a fashion photographer. I worked in this world for a while but after shooting my first wedding during a crazy fun internship, I just knew that this was it! And ohh, how thankful I am to be able to do this! To be trusted by all the beautiful couples I get to meet. It really is where my heart belongs and what gets me so excited! It's not really work when you love what you do right?

I live in my favorite city Innsbruck (Austria) since January 2018, but I still travel a lot to the Netherlands for weddings and photoshoots. After my work season I get most excited for the first snowfall and to take my ski's out for their first run! Owhhh yeees! Apart from my camera's, those are my babies haha. I'm a chatty and goofy person, tea drinker, lover of old music, romanticist and crazy for people who are following their dreams. One of my favorite things to do is shamelessly dance with my friends and play the guitar/sing. But most importantly is that I'm free to be who I am in my work, and because of that I met so many beautiful people along the way. Hopefully, you will be one of them!

We are a GREAT fit

If you relate to my style!

My contact with you is simply most important to me. Because communication is key! I am not that typical invisible photographer... I'm there to tell your story. And I believe that the more I'm involved, the better I can tell. If you don't mind a goofy, spontaneous kinda gall who might be barefoot during your wedding day, I'm your photographer! I wish to not just be one of your vendors. Let's be friends, tell me your story! I'd like to create "with" you, not only for you :)

When I'm not taking pictures -

I will probably be...


Visiting my mom who lives in Spain!

Every year we visit each other as much as we can. Living apart is difficult, but it makes all the trips we make together extra special!



One of the biggest reasons I moved to Innsbruck is that it only takes me 30 minutes to get up the mountains! So, you'll probably find me covered in snow :)


Hanging in my hometown Innsbruck!

Ohh do I love this city!! Everyone here loves skiing and going into the mountains as much as I do. I've never felt more home then I do here in Austria.



The fact that I can work from home or any other place, and that I'm able to travel for weddings is the biggest dream come true! Apart from shooting weddings I regularly shoot for a clothing brand called New Zealand Auckland. It's soo much fun and we shoot in the most beautiful places!


Be with my family.

The most important thing you should know about me... I LOVE my big family. Every year we travel to Zell am See/Kaprun, Austria for a week of (Après) skiing and it's the most fun time of the year!!

So what's next? Openess is where we'll start! Send me a message and say hey!