Alycia & Jelmer came to me for an engagement shooting on one of the first days of January 2017. They searched on Google and found me. How lucky I was. We took photo’s in the center of Utrecht and talked about their future plans. They both were backpacking through Guatamala where they first met. A country I never really heard off or knew anything about… (yeah, shame on me haha) They spoke fondly about how they met each other in this hostel at Lake Atitlan. It was listening to a romantic novel, because Alycia is American and Jelmer’s Dutch. Exactly, one of those long-distance-relationship-kinda stories ;-) I felt right at ease around them and knew if I wasn’t gonna be their wedding photographer, I would miss out BIG time. So after seeing their engagement pictures and many emails, they decided to fly me over and let me do my magic. Didn’t used much magic though, as the wedding was already full of it! I flew over with my friend Hester/second shooter and we travelled around Guatemala for two weeks and ended our trip with all of the guests at Lake Atitlan, Panajachel. We all stayed at hotel Casa del mundo for a few days and celebrated their Love with just a close group of friends and family. They got married at a balcony. Yes! Vulcanoes, boat docks and lake view included. The morning after a very yummy dinner, emotional and fun speeches, wedding cake and a good night of salsa dancing we decided to do another photoshoot at the amazing location. The sun came out and it was one of the clearest days at the Lake. We were lucky. I guess it was just one hell of a destination wedding, one I’ll never forget.

Thank you Alycia & Jelmer for having us. Bucket list item, Check!