I think I peed my pants at least 20 times because we laughed so hard! When I was on holiday, visiting my mother in Spain last summer I always push myself to plan a ‘passion project’. So I went on Instagram and started looking for a couple. And from the moment we started chatting I shared this connection with her. Instantly we felt like long-lost cousins and I believe because of it, we had the opportunity to create something so connecting for us both. G & M are such sweethearts and they gave everything to make me happy! She bought a dress on a market and re-designed the whole thing so it would fit her and our photoshoot perfectly, we also could use her family’s boat and they were basically down to do anything! We shared such an intimate evening shooting together. After that, I just knew that we would be lifelong friends and it was only the start of many photoshoots together. Thank you Genaa & Mats for the unforgettable time! X