There's not a standard formula for the real good pics, every story is different. And so, every approach is as well. I will always focus on how it felt and not how it is supposed to look like. There's no right or wrong with me, and if we should lean towards one, let's lean towards the wrong. Perfection is in the imperfect moments. I want to document your love in it's purest form. Just heart-warming love.

how it started

I started my 4 year photography studies when I was 16 years old and am doing this fulltime for 6/7 years now. I shot 150 + Weddings. After I documented my first wedding as an intern - the photos got featured on a big wedding blog in the Netherlands and I took it as a sign. Combining my love for lifestyle/fashion photography with Weddings. I grew into my own style throughout the years and want to inspire my couples that weddings don't have to be traditional or traditionally captured. I see my work as a combo for the classy, elegant couples who have a deep desire to be their inner wild ones!


how many photo's will we receive? How does it work?

You'll get approximately 400 photo's for the first standard 6 hours, but it will get more depending on how many hours extra you book. You will receive The whole selection in around 8 weeks, but don't you worry! 2/3 days after your wedding day I will provide you with a good selected preview that you can share with all your friends and family members. All easy through an online gallery!

Will you guide us during the shoot?

Yes yes yes! Most couples feel a bit unusual at first, but this is a good thing, just trust me! I'll guide you! Feeling giggly and silly is the key to being natural and yourself. You'll see in the first 5 min that's its actually LOADS of fun! Being yourself is really all you need.

How do you edit the pictures? And will we get the RAW files?

I carefully select all the right images and edit all the photo's in Lightroom. I do not share raw files with any clients. Editing is where an artist style comes to life and I will deliver high resolution edited images.

Can you help us in the planning proces?

Yes, please! I'd love to help! I'm able to share with you all I've learned in the last years. So whatever you need! If it's helping you planning the time-table, finding the right locations, a hair/makeup artist or even outfit's to wear, I got you!

love sessions

Price depends on the project.

Contact me to discuss all the options.



Every package includes 1h photography. You will get around 50 to 75 digital photo's via an online download link and the photo's will be delivered within 3 - 4 weeks.

So, you down?

Cool - I am too!