When Magdalena told me about her wedding plans I got so excited that I could finally photograph a wedding again, even tho it would only be for around an hour haha! Because of all the covid rules I, unfortunately, could only be there for the photo session. When we arrived we dived in and took some pictures at her parent’s house. We were waiting for the rain to stop so we could go outside. And when we did, it started to snow!! I couldn’t be happier cause when you know me a little bit, you know that this makes my heart beats fastest! :) We were greeted very surprisingly by their lovely neighbors with some dried flowers confetti! As happy and excited we all were, we basically ran up this little mountain and started shooting! A line of family members joined us into the dirty muddy roads up and everybody had their biggest smiles on. All in all, the shortest wedding I ever attended and loads and loads of fun! Haha! Thank you so much Magdalena & Philipp! We had a blast.