What a day and what a story. These two are one of a kind. It was truly a party to document this day! Even though I was running all over the place to capture all the love and fun that was happening, it gave me loads and loads of energy! In February I also got to document their Civil Wedding story and that was already so perfect. So we of course had big expectations for their real big wedding, but they easily met all of them and ticked off all those boxes haha! Details like a Day light/Moon light ticket, actual festival bracelets, a glitter wedding dress plus a party dress, million disco balls, lots of typical festival recipes, and a whole mainstage with live music! Ohhh… How I wished this day would have lasted longer :)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Nathalie & Fabian. You guys are dream clients.

Enjoy this crazy love story! X



The Wedding Dress + Jewelry @ GoldCircus Studio  Goldschmiede André

Suit @ vanleurwallman

Wedding Planner @ These Moments

Location @ Werkstätte Wattens

Magic @ bensmagic

Catering @ thailicious_moments

Flowers @ Frau Baumann

Hair & Make-up @ thoresenchristel

Music/Band @ Jonas & Theresa

Assistant photographer @ ninetys.studio