The wedding of Sandra & Thomas in South Tyrol, Italy was one of my first weddings I photographed after I finished my photography studies and internship. And what a treat it was! I mean, we woke up with this incredible view and started the day easy and chill. Taken photos here at this location couldn’t go wrong anymore the minute we arrived, after hiking for while with all of our gear. S & T were the sweetest hosts and we clicked from the very first second we met!

They got ready in those beautiful old rooms and met each other for the first time in the small town of Barbiano, where they married and afterwards headed back to celebrate in the clouds. I will link the location below as you have to check it out if you ever find your way there :)

Even though it was cloudy and misty this autumn wedding was kinda perfect, and that’s an understatement haha! Enjoy! Xx





To get to the cars to say YES! in the town of Barbiano we had to hike a little bit. And the weather gods gave us the gift of mist ;-) I absolutely loved it!



On our way back up to Briol to celebrate, the sky opened up to us :)








The stunning location where this celebration was held :) Click here!