Surreal. Magical. A complete paradise. A few words that come to mind thinking back on this workshop on La Graciosa. It left me speechless as no words can really describe this week. From sandy feet in sunny November days, to the most insane sunsets with an island full of photographers from all over the world. You could say, we became one big happy family. We learned from incredible wedding photographers and attended life photo sessions. We cried, danced and loved.

When going there I planned to take as many photos that I could. And not only from the couples/models who attended but also from the scenery and the good vibes. I am very sorry (but not really sorry) to say, I got totally distracted by this bubble and just went with it. There wasn’t much need for me to take so many pictures anymore… I was in the moment and enjoyed every bit of it.

So I will leave you with the photos that I did take! At the end of the blog, you can find the link to a video of what we’ve experienced that week.

Until November 2020 Wolves! I can not wait to find cockroaches in the kitchen and sleep in sandy beds. To dance under the stars, drink wolves rum and hug all of you again! xx


Workshop: The Wolves Workshop

Hair Artist: Sunao

Make-up Artist: Maquillaje Las Palmas

Suits: Roes 1957

Wedding dresses: BLUMYNT

Photography: Svenja Photography













This video was made by the most incredible team Esther & Jonas.

Click below to check them out!

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